Avoid The Oops Of Running Low On Everyday Products Ordering From Walmart

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Ahhhh…summer vacation. The kids are enjoying their summer camp three days a week, and I’m enjoying the ability to work from home thanks to new flexible arrangements at the office. I’m one of the last in my department to start working optional days at home. I have an entire work station set up just like my cube at the office, but I’m starting to realize how much longer my day is working from home. It’s easy to get lost in my daily routine. Before long I’ve noticed I’ve missed lunch, and it’s totally not due to the second cup of coffee around 10. Working at home eliminates any opportunity for errand stops on the way home from the office. So when you realize the house is low on toilet paper you need a back up plan. One thought would be to text a neighbor if I was really low on supply, but I would prefer not to show all our crazy to them at once. A better choice is to Avoid The Oops Of Running Low On Everyday Products Ordering From Walmart.com.

Avoid the Oops at Walmart In The Kitchen With KP 2

Stinky, sweaty, camp field trip clothes are gross. Let’s just call kids gross in the Summer. So much sweat and dirt. I ordered something new for my laundry routine, Tide Plus Febreze Sport Active Fresh Scent. if it’s good for workout clothes, it should be awesome for freshening up camp clothes too. The fun and dirt chaos seem to be endless in Summer. Kids running in and out to fill squirt guns, the impromptu ice pop light saber duels, all wreak havoc on my hard wood floor. No one wants a sticky mess on the floor when walking around barefoot, so I stocked up on plenty of Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Spray Mop Pad Refills. My husband goes through them like mad.

Avoid the Oops at Walmart In The Kitchen With KP 1

Have I mentioned kids are smelly messes in Summer? It bears repeating and stocking up on all the things to keep my house smelling clean. Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener for the bathrooms, kitchen and living areas. It’s nice to add a little hint of fragrance to high traffic zones. For us, the minute the temperature is over 75 in the evening, our house gets closed up tighter than a drum. When the air conditioner is on for the Summer I like to make sure closets stay fresh too with Febreze SmallSpaces Original Air Freshener with Gain Scent. Stocking up on essentials to create a clean and fresh smelling home gives me confidence to welcome the neighbors in when they pop over to say hi, to host impromptu cocktails in the kitchen on a random Friday evening, or to just be the go to house for all the neighborhood kids. Hellooo… light saber ice pops!

Avoid the Oops at Walmart In The Kitchen With KP 4

www.avoidtheoops.com offers a variety of categories so you can find exactly what you want, and find it fast. Just click on the category Kitchen, Laundry, Cleaning, Baby, or Bathroom. With that one click you’re ready to shop for that categories essentials. I love that with a few clicks, my order is placed and it arrives a few days later. And when I order over $50, my order ships free! It’s a total bargain. My car uses gas to go to the store. Gas isn’t free, so shopping online at www.avoidtheoops.com is an easy choice that saves you money too. #AvoidTheOops and start your own routine to order everyday essentials with Walmart.com.

Avoid the Oops at Walmart



What Oops moment have you had where you ran out of one of your household everyday essentials?



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