8 Ways For Kids to Unplug for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Are your kids glued to the television – or perhaps their personal gaming devices?  Winter break is coming up, and it would be such a waste for them to spend it plugged in to the various electronic devices  in our house the entire time.  Obviously I am active on social media so technology has a constant presence in our house.  That doesn’t mean electronics have to be on ALL THE TIME!  I’ve gathered a few Ways For Kids to Unplug, get active, and enjoy it.

8 Ways For Kids to Unplug for the Upcoming Holiday Season www.InTheKitchenWithKP

Head outside. This one is the easiest tip, obviously. Play “I Spy” with little kids, or go on a trail walk to find different leaves, rocks, and plants. If it’s snowing, go sledding or find an outdoor ice skating rink!  However, sometimes it’s too cold to go outside! Or it’s raining.  Or the kids have allergies. So, if you can make it outside, do!  If you can’t, keep reading for more tips.

Limit screen time.  Obviously it’s important to limit screen time all the time, but over the holiday break it’s even more important!  They’re home all day and could literally watch TV for hours if we let them.  Setting a limit on screen time before they start watching will help prevent arguments.  No more “but… five more minutes, pleeeeeeease” conversations.

Unplugged Activity Ideas

  • Make a band with pots and pans and wooden spoons.  No, your kids don’t have to be toddlers for this one!
  • Head to the library!  Either for story time, or just to check out books, go to the library once a week to get new books.
  • Bake together.  Not only is this an unplugged activity, some of the best memories kids can have are created while baking with their parents.
  • Jam together!  Make a mix CD based on songs the kids love, and create dances together.  Warning: If you have tweens, they may be “too cool” for this one.
  • Craft something fun.  Duct tape is all the rage these days – try this duct tape suitcase project!
  • Hula hoop or do another fun activity (that doesn’t involve possibly busting out windows) inside.
  • Grab a cardboard box, cut out three sides and make your own puppet theater.  Have the kids draw their characters on paper, cut them out and tape/glue the characters to popsicle sticks.
  • Read a fun story book together and act out everyone’s favorite parts

Check out sites like unplugyourkids.com for more ideas on unplugging this holiday season – or any time!


How do you get your kids to unplug?



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