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Friday 5 Friends Without Borders | In The Kitchen With KP | GSMM

This week was a little less chaotic for moving activities. The kids are visiting with my parents before the long trek to PA. That means mom gets some free time with friends. This week is all about my GA girlfriends and the mad love I have for them for this week’s Friday 5!

1. My girl Ann, from Mundane Magic, also recently moved from Georgia to Alabama! Kudos to Ann on her next adventure!

2. These women are some of the best in Georgia. I am blessed to call them my friends.

These girls! So glad I still get to come back to #ATL on a reg basis after moving. #GSMM

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3. The group of lovelies above (plus a few more that couldn’t make it), created the most amazing book for me as a going away present. It’s totally like a grown up year book with super fun pictures and sentimental notes from all of them. How did I get so lucky?

4. These girls really know how to have fun and I am always happy to be around them!

Super fun night @MyMainEvent #BloggersNightOut

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5. The Georgia Social Media Moms are always representing strong at blog conferences everywhere. Huge hugs to all the Atlanta #BeachesMoms in Turks and Caicos for the Social Media on the Sand conference in 2014. So happy I was able to share the incredible experience with so many of you.

That’s it for today. Any more pictures, and I may turn into a weepy mess, missing everyone before I am even gone.


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