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This past weekend was full of fun!  My parents were in town, Baby turned 8 and we finally set to carving our pumpkin!  After years of so-so pumpkins, I finally broke down this year and bought an actual pumpkin carving kit, complete with stencils.  I told DH it was for the kids, but between you and me, I just wanted a really cool pumpkin this year!

The weather turned quite chilly and windy yesterday, so we moved our carving party into the kitchen.  We originally bought a pumpkin from a local farm, but sadly, it rotted before we could carve it.  Luckily, my sweet niece, Cutie Pie, sent up an adorable personalized birthday pumpkin for Baby with my parents from Florida.  We ended up using that pumpkin for carving, hence the cute 4 year old handwritten birthday wishes and drawn face.

I am not sure why I never bought the stencils before.  I know plenty of people that use them with great results.  The hardest part was getting Baby and Jed to agree on the design to use.  Note to self….purchase two large pumpkins next year.  DH even took a break from the Eagles/Falcons game to get into the action marking some of the outline, and since it’s Mommy and Me, I get to throw in a picture with my own Mom this week!  We don’t look anything alike, do we?

Our awesome finished creation! 

It was so cool it made me want to go out and buy more pumkins to carve!  If I had my way, I would have the entire Angry Birds cast of characters lining our porch for trick or treaters this year!  I am sure the other kids would love them as much as mine do!

What are you carving on your pumpkin(s) this year?


Have you succeeded and gotten yourself out from behind the camera lately?

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