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I love parties!  The planning of the details is what I live for, but let’s face it, parties are more work than fun sometimes depending on the time of year.  Sometimes you just want to call a caterer, and even then sometimes you hesitate because of the cost.  Well, what if you could win a free catered party from Moe’s Southwest Grill?  That’s right!  You can win a free catered party for 20 guests just by entering their hot giveaway going on right now.

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How to Enter/During the Promotion Period, submit your entry by:

  • Visiting and clicking on the Promotion link
  • Enter at least one (1) and up to five (5) unique, valid email addresses of family, friends or acquaintances
  • Review all other submission guidelines and complete all other required information in the online entry form.
  • Upon completion of the entry, you will receive a confirmation email from Moe’s confirming entry in the Promotion.
  • Entrant will receive one (1) entry for each unique, valid email address entered into the online entry form (each, an “Entry”)
  • Contest ends September 16, 2013.  All entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM ET on September 16, 2013.

The Moe’s team will deliver all the party supplies you need to serve up a fabulously fun time!  Including a brightly colored pinata for the kids!

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Our caterer arrived with this cool stacked warming bag.  I kinda wanted to slip it into the mudroom back there, but I thought he might notice it missing.

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The food arrived hot and the buffet was set up in a matter of minutes!  Everyone couldn’t wait to dig into all the Moe’s awesomeness.  All of Moe’s ingredients are free of Trans fat and MSG, and none of Moe’s kitchens feature microwaves. They proudly serves 100% sirloin grass-fed steak, all-natural chicken, grain-fed, steroid-free pork and organic tofu.  For our fajita buffet, I went with a combination of ground beef and fajita chicken.  The Moe’s team was incredibly accommodating and easy to work with when placing my order.

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Moe’s catering made throwing a party so easy for me.  They even sent along with plates, napkins and cutlery.   No dishes!  I love that!  They are super for customizable options with real ingredients.  I didn’t need the guacamole, so they were awesome to substitute some queso instead.  Moe’s queso is drool inducing!  I could not have a Mexican fiesta without queso, and Moe’s made sure I had it!

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Of course our fajita bar would not be complete without all the fresh, flavorful ingredients Moe’s is famous for in their restaurants!  Guests eagerly topped their taco and fajitas with shredded Cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and of course my favorite salsa, El Guapo!  I decided to make a big plate of loaded nachos with the fresh tortilla chips.  Heaven on a plate to me!  The kids had a great time trying to break open the pinata.  The party kit included neon Moe’s headbands which were genius to use as blindfolds for the kids!

Moes Party Giveaway #MoesCaters 2

Apparently I was not the only one devouring the crunchy chips!  The tin was almost completely empty at the end of the party.

Moes Party Giveaway #moesCaters 8

Ready to try and win a catered party for 20 for yourself now?  Is your mouth watering for delicious Moe’s Southest Grill famous eats?  What are you waiting for?  Just head on over and sign up for Club Mini Moes’, and approve the account for your child, and you are good to go!  You can enter here!  But hurry!  Contest ends September 16, 2013.  All entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM ET on September 16, 2013.

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