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For the past few years, the norm has been for me to reserve some vacation days just in case DH had a last minute interview.  Now that he is successfully employed, I am left with quite a few vacation days left to squeeze in by the end of the year.  I’m excited about taking some time off and spending time with the kids, but it also means I have a quite a bit of gift buying to tackle before that happens.  Normally I would be worried that there is only about 2 weeks left to shop, but with the help of Walgreens holiday solutions, I can pick up some delicious party snacks as well as shop for as many last minute Christmas gifts as I need…before it’s actually the last minute.

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Hosting parties over the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful, and party snacks don’t always have to be decadent, high calorie sweets.  Walgreens Good & Delish line of premium snacks offers some healthier alternatives like dried fruit mixes and varieties of gourmet fruit and nut blends.

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There is also an array of multi-grain chips and salsa!  Crunch doesn’t always have to come from cookies.  Even though all of the Good & Delish cookies look ah-mazing!  It was hard not to just keep adding more and more snacks to my cart.

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As I wandered around Walgreens for a few more creative gifts, I was surprised to see a large assortment of gourmet appetizers in the Good & Delish brand.  I am all about saving time prepping for holiday parties, and serving some warm snacks that I can easily heat and serve is a sheer bonus for this busy mom.

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The innovative Good & Delish  premium snacks area perfect for Holiday eating and entertaining.  When serving multiple styles of snacks, try a festive  arrangement to suit the holiday decor.  Instead of just grabbing a simple bowl for nuts and fruit, use margarita or martini glasses for some whimsy.  Try to use varying heights for serving dishes and create a pretty tablescape of your own.  Feel free to even throw in a festive tablecloth for some holiday color.

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Are you all prepared for the upcoming holidays?  You can find more Christmas present ideas and Good & Delish products in the Walgreens Happy & Healthy Holiday Guide.  I can feel a lot more relaxed knowing I have a great place to go for all my holiday party and gift needs.



What’s your favorite idea to add a little more flair when serving party snacks? 



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