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Sears DisclosureDid you know there are less than 100 days until Christmas?  It seems pretty far off into the future, but you know as well as I do, that with work, school, evening activities, time will fly by in the blink of an eye.  Shopping online is extremely convenient, but it also takes time.  Time you may not have to spare as it gets closer to the holidays.  What you need is a personal shopper to do the leg work for you.  And by personal shopper, I totally mean ME.

I would LOVE to shop for you #PersonalShopper

Think about it.  Does the thought of not having to worry about picking out the perfect gift for Uncle Larry’s new girlfriend or your niece’s new boyfriend make you happy?  I can help pick those gifts for you, all the while saving time and frustration.  By creating customized catalogs and sharing them via my storefront tab, I can showcase the products I love from great brands like Sears, Lands’ End, and Craftsman®.

Through the Shop Your Way Program, I’m turning my love of shopping into savings and income for my family and it’s so easy.  I invite guests into my network, help them shop, they make purchases, and I earn  earn income by shopping.  Plus I even have access to exclusive coupons to share with everyone.  Everyone likes to save time and money.

If you are interested in adding to your own income, you can become a personal shopper by signing up with the Shop Your Way Program. It’s completely FREE!

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When you sign up to be a personal shopper you can start to build your client base and earn income by shopping too.  You’ll earn 1% commission on all qualifying purchases made by your clients.  If you have 20 or more clients who make a purchase you are eligible to earn an additional 1% commission as long as your client uses their SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS membership number when purchasing online or in a store.  On the 15th of each month we will send you a check for commission you earned in the previous month, as long as that commission is $20 or more.  If you earned less than $20 commission, we will carry over the total amount we owe to the next calendar month or months.  If you sign up now, you can be earning income for some extra purchases of your own well in time for the holidays.


What’s on your Holiday wish list this year?



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